The Perfect Pair, What goes with pistachios?
The Perfect Pair
What goes with pistachios?

Do you ever see something in the grocery store and think you’ll give it a shot? I picked up some shelled pistachios a few weeks ago, with the intent of finding a good fish or chicken recipe to give them a shot. Tonight was the night.

I started with, one of my favorite sites to begin a recipe search, and found Pistachio-Crusted Chicken with Herbs and Mustard Cream Sauce ( Turned out pretty good, though I think I got the mustard-pistachio coating on a bit thick.  I served it with a wild-rice blend and green beans.  Next time around, I think I’ll try a white fish (like sea bass or haddock) instead of the chicken, too – I think that might go better with the mustard than the chicken did.

For the wine pairing, I always start with the axiom “What grows together goes together.” For this dish, with the mustard, nuts and cream, I selected a simple and somewhat reasonably priced Pinot Blanc from Alsace (Trimbach 2008 Pinot Blanc, around $15), thinking the slightly heavier weight of Pinot Blanc would hold up well to the cream sauce in particular.  Plus, we’re preparing for a trip to Strasbourg, and I’ve been attempting to prep our palates for Alsatian varietals.  The flavors in the dish were a solid match to the wine’s weight and slightly waxy mouthfeel, with nice sharp flowery fruit and high acid to cut the fat from the cream sauce.  If you were in the mood for a red with this dish, I’d always recommend a Loire Cabernet Franc because I think they go with almost anything, or even potentially a Burgundy (Pinot Noir) or for a lighter match, a Beaujolais (Gamay).

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